How to change your Android Smartphone into iPhone iOS

Today mobile phones are increasingly required by many people even if someone doesn’t have a cell phone will be regarded as the person who left behind the times or clueless about computers. Over time the mobile phone also experienced the development of models and also specifications of the regular course until now your mobile phone can serve as a remote, cctv, etc.

Although mobile phones are already experiencing the development of cell phone but also experience shortages because every brand that have advantages of each. As an example though there is cell phone instead of an iPhone but with some way below you can change the look of your mobile phone.

How to change Android similar to Apple’s iPhone

The trick is also very easy there are many applications that are used to support your mobile phone so that the display is similar to the iOS or IPhone, below I will explain the usefulness of each application as each application has different uses there that has a function for the display, keyboard, control panel and other.

Not only is the existence of several applications under install or make your android phone is very much like the iPhone also surely makes your android phone is getting cool and updates to appear cool is also not out of date.

# 1. iLauncher 3.1.4 For Android

Such applications are applications that are mandatory and you have to first download the application because it arguably is a core principal to android phone could turn out similar to the iphone because it is so similar to the first principal at stake certainly isn’t it? It is the reason why this application becomes the first download. If you have already downloaded then the display icon and homescreen apk changed into similar/like the iphone.

# 2. IOS and iOS Dialer 7 7 Contact

After revamp looks now please download the application to change the look of the contact and dialer to make it more similar to iphone iOS 7 so your mobile phone become more cool.

# 3. HI Lockscreen iOS 7, Parallax

This application is also supporting an application to change the look of your mobile phone to be more like the iphone, it serves to change the look of your cell phone so that similar Lockscreen iPhone iOS, such as display Lockscreen, Passcode, and also notification.

# 4. iControl Center

How to change the display of the phone are similar to iphone 3, This application serves to change the appearance of the control center, while an example of a control such as Bluetooth, wifi, alarm, flashlight, cameras, media players, calculator and more. The existence of this application is the display all control center will be changed into similar to iphone iOS 7.

# 5. iNoty for iLauncher

How to change the display of the phone are similar to iphone 4, The application of the above function to modify the menu of notifications, the notification menu itself contains some important settings such as examples for Sms, Miscall, calendar and so on so that it is similar to the iPhone (iOS 7).

So how to change your mobile phone to resemble the iphone may help and may be useful if there are steps or review its less obvious apk could ask in the comments field that you have prepared. good luck good luck Yes, thank you have visited our website.

Pure Colon Detox Results

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Pure Colon Detox
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Unique cheat for The Sims 3

Here I will share sims freeplay cheats and hint:
1. Have children’s Ghost (without killing him)
How is your sims must be a woman and has the kleptomania. If this requirement already exists on your sims then go towards to the graveyard. Then let your sims to steal the Tomb there, however grave must be male. Then bring the Tomb to the House, if it is then the ghosts will appear at 11 pm-4 am. Keep making a lot of interactions with the ghosts. If the friendship between your sims and the Ghost is already high, then click trying to baby. Later if the above way is successful, your sims will give birth to a baby ghost.

the sims 3

2. Sims you will not die
How to order for your sims will not die, follow these steps. Send your sims to go to Pleasant Rest Graveyard, near gate no tree Death Flower Bush, then pick the flowers. Save on Your sims inventory, then at a time when the grim reaper comes he will trade Your sims lives with death flower. There is another way, your sims are just told to eat life fruit then the age of your sims will be reduced. Death flower and fruit of life can you get at the seeds alone or cheat code buy debug.

3. Got a Hidden Object
Way that got the hidden object then unlock it first by typing testing cheats enabled true and then press Ctrl + Shift + C and then type in the box the next Consul buy debug press enter, go to buy mode, select the second tab it will pop up a new column with a coat of arms? and you can instantly hidden object.

4. Buy and sell without reducing the money
The way may be rarely used, but can be tried if they wish to buy and sell goods without money. If your sims are poor then buy goods and sell on that day too, if you buy goods and sell them the next day so money will be reduced.

Looking For Monster Legends Hack Download

Monster Legends is a popular game which first appeared on the Facebook website. However, you can also get this game applications through gadgets that use operating system Android and iOS. This means you can play this game via the smartphone. The game relies on the strength of the strategy to penetrate the next level. This war game with the concept of using characters in the form of monsters as a striker and his defence. There are so many different kinds of monsters, according to category and the needs of the players. The players generally feel difficulties to be able to penetrate the next level, because of the lack of backup power such as Gems, Gold, and others. Thus, many players utilize Monster Legends Hack. You can find this application by searching in Google using the keyword monster legends hack download.

monster legends hack download

Monsters of Legend Hack is a third party application that serves to assist and facilitate you in playing the Monster Legends. This application will give you unlimited access for you to get a lot of Gems, Gold, Foods, and others. The function of the tools is certainly to strengthen your game in the Monster Legend. Foods especially, to feed the monsters become Your mainstay in this game. This application is very easy to get, just by using the keyword monsters legends hack download on the Google search engine and the like. There are many sites that provide this application. Simply downloaded, activated, and will automatically be connected with these Monsters of Legend.

So you type monster legends hack download on Google, the search engine will show a variety of application providers site Monsters of Legend Hack. Each site provides applications with many advantages for your needs. However, its main function is the same, namely to simplify you get Gems, Gold, and others to improve the game. Not only that, you are also given access quickly to be able to penetrate a level higher. Most of the provider is foreign sites from abroad. However, there are several blogs that also provides services to download Monster Legends Hack.

How to get Free Clash of Clans Hacks

Fans of gaming Clans Clash of war could also use the Clash of Hack in the Clans launched a game. Applications are also referred to as Clans Clash of Free Hacks were developed by third-party unofficially to help the players Clash of Clans and gives much ease. Thanks to this tool, the players are so much easier to get Gems, Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Gems serves to improve the quality and to train troops. Usually, the players have to buy in advance to get the Gems. While Gold serves to purchase a variety of required attributes, such as Gems and Elixir. Any gold should be obtained by winning a war against the opponent first, and even then not much. Not to mention quite a long process to get it. While the Elixir into a source of energy for the troops, as well as to train new troops.

free clash of clans hacks

As its name suggests, Free Clans Clash of these Hacks can be obtained for free. The players live search with a search engine using the browsing mechanism. There are many sites that provide this supporting applications. Please note that there is no official game supporting applications, especially if its function is to help the players to be more seamlessly in the play. Using this application means the player has done the procedure a cheat. Even so, many of the players who use it, thanks to the variety of benefits offered.


The installation process of Free Clash of Clans Hacks also is not complicated. Previously, don’t forget to verify your account in advance. If it is, then this application will automatically connect with the game Clash of Clans. Supporting this application can be used in many different ways, as long as the computer or smartphone device players connected to the internet network. The process of his cheats not require many procedures. The author always create a new account and update the application at any given period, to ensure the security of applications at once. Therefore, its users do not have to worry about blocked by the administrator of the game. Players stayed to enjoy a variety of benefits given so the game Clash of Clans became more fun.

8 Ball Pool Cheat is The Best Coins

Who wouldn’t want to win the the earliest known 8 Ball Pool would have been easily all game fans 8 ball pool very want this. but with a large number of new players along with appearing and demonstrating the skill of course won the game 8 Ball Pool is hard now this is no exception with the way this one 8 Ball Pool Cheat is the best way in which it is used by an awful lot of players 8 Ball Pool to win this game easily and get coins and cash from winning this game by doing how 8 Ball Pool Cheat is a very easy and understandable quickly by sports players 8 ball pool billiard.

8 ball pool cheat

Where is the 8 Ball Pool Cheat can be paired in android Smartphone and PC Computer players 8 Ball Pool easily by installing the application and performs the login process via email or Facebook account players that connect directly with the sports games 8 Ball Pool Hack billiard is being trends is certainly booming in this way is easy is not after doing the process of the players will be invited to perform and select the cheat what is available to cheat the game of 8 Ball Pool like making length line line up to the addition of cash and coins from this game. After you select the cheat you want to do then required players out of the game of pool 8 ball and went back to the game and the player can see the results of the cheat for play and win a game of 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Cheat’s most frequent and very easy to do the 8 Ball Pool player to win the game easily and quickly and is certainly the way it’s been a very proven and trusted players 8 Ball Pool because it already occupied the top position on the search engine google at this time. If you are interested to try Book now visit his website here and feel the result of 8 Ball Pool Cheat best.

Clash Royale Update Card Tornado

Clash Royale update one more card : Tornado! How do I use it? Check out tips and tricks how to use it here!
Supercell re-added the cards spell in Clah Royale. After our previous arrival Graveyard, now us Tornado’s arrival. So, how do I use the card on this Epic? Before, we used to see ‘ from the card via the image below:

clash royale update

Tips and tricks how to get use the tornado beat clash royale

As you guys can see above, the Tornado is a type of spell card using 3 Elixir. This card has rarity Epic and could you guys find start of Arena 6 Builder Workshop. get more resource for clash royale cards

Vacuum Cleaner

The main effect of this card is to draw enemy units and gave him the damage. At level 1, a Tornado can give 44 damage every second for 3 seconds. In other words, this card will give a total of 132 damage at level 1 — suitable for destroying enemy units with low unit such as Goblin, Goblin Spear and Skeletons. Minions can still survive from this spell with leaves little HP, but you will benefit because the enemy units will be attracted to the center of the Tornado.

Do Not Give Damage On Buildings

Spell this one gives no damage at the building. So, you can’t use it without activating the canon Crown Tower.

Can Be Used To Speed Up/Slow Down

Because of its ‘ interesting ‘ unit to the center of a Tornado, this spell can be used to speed up or slow down the unit — depending on where you put the spell.

Attract enemy units to the Area of the Blast

Sometimes, some units were able to avoid the explosion of units such as the Golem and the Giant Skeleton. Well, a Tornado could you use to attract enemy units into the area to blast Golem/Giant Skeleton.

Effective against Inferno Dragon and Miner

When Inferno Dragon attacked the Tower of yours, then you can use this spell to pull it backwards. The same thing could also be you used to use this spell Miner, to attract a miner approached the Crown Tower and enable his canon.

Summoners war hack German Online Android, iOS

If you love online games, then the summoners war is one of the games that are highly recommended for play. The game launched by come2us this gane is one that brings the adventure. This game invites you to go on an adventure and fight. In a fight You will be helped by the monsters that You like, these monsters can you earn by way of calling him. If you win this fight you will get various prizes such as the crystal can be used to upgrade Your monster.
This battle can be carried out in various places, one of them in the Guild Battle, a fight in this place do battle with battle 3 vs 3 (player coupled with two monster) done 2 rounds. Members of the Offensive can fight up to 3 battle individually, and each Member of the Offensive are not allowed to fight with members of the Defense of the opposing Guild the same more than once. In the attack in battle this enemy Guild guild members will be reduced 30% HP if you won this battle per round.

Summoners war hack German
In the bout at this battle every guild the same monsters not allowed for use as a monster to Defense or Offense as well. And monsters die when doing battle in Guild Battle cannot be used again throughout the session the Guild Battle, and every Member of the Defense can replace monsters defense at any time according to your needs.
Each of You won the fight in the guild battle then you will get the rewards, and the surprise can be used to upgrade Your monster after it reaches a certain amount. To be able to collect the crystal with ease and has a more powerful force at the moment of the fight, you can use summoners war crystal hack, an online application that can help you. This application you can just download and use for free. This application has many advantages among which is can be used on android and ios, does not require root or jailbreak, and it has many languages, summoners war hack german is one of them. more tips >>


Game Review: Diner Dash

Game Review: Diner Dash

A long time ago before 3D being hits like today or even the RPG games being well known. There are some games with minimum visual but still beloved by many people in that era. One of the legendary games that should not be forgotten is diner dash. Yes, this mini game is really attracted many people for all over the world, every stage of the game had its own difficulty that makes people who do not succeed will try again and again until they have succeeded that stage. This game is about Flo which is a waitress that run an errand a restaurant. She needs to make some money in other to make the restaurant being more fancy and bigger. The money that they get could be used in the shop for buying some decoration or upgrading some stuff in the restaurant. In the shop you can change the design of the restaurant; there are so many kinds of wallpaper, floor, chair and even table. You can also change the shape and the color of door and windows.

Game With Nice Visual For Girl

In this game, Flo is being the one and only waitress that will help the customers in the restaurant. She will choose the customer place which is if the same color customers seated in the same colors with the seat will give extra heart and money. She is also picking up the order and serve the food that chef had already cooked to the table where customers order the meals.

The faster waitress moves the more money you will get. So flow is like the main characters in this game.

All of the money that she gets could be used to upgrade the restaurant, such as buying podium, magazine or music to make customers more patiently waiting and much more. This game is hard to forget because it will be your best childhood memory.

Game Review: Stronghold Crusader

Game Review: Stronghold Crusader

People nowadays love the games with the war theme, the android game such as the clash of clans, the clash of titans, clans of the sea and many other games in the strategy categories. But most of those people are forgotten that there is a game that has been there since a long time ago to fulfill the thirst of the gamers about a strategy game. What is that game? Yes, that is a stronghold crusader. This game is the starter for the strategy game that could be played in personal computer or PC. Every gamer in the world has been played it until finish all the stage inside the games. It is such a pleasure to have completed all the stages of the game because this game is well made and not easy to finished.

Best Strategy Game Ever

Stronghold crusader is divided into some parts which are crusader mode, historical campaigns mode, castle builder mode, multiplayer, and custom scenarios. In crusader, there will be many stages that you should compete. The more you complete the harder it stages. In this mode you will build your own castle, defend, and planning your strategy to attack your enemies. Historical campaigns are the mode when you need to survive in the desert until your goals fulfilled.

Each stage had different goals. Castle builder is when you could build you dreamed castle accompanied by camels around you, this is the most peaceful game mode so far.

Multiplayer can be played with your friends by online. Custom scenarios are for you who are want to make your own map of the crusader kingdom. Those entire modes are worth to try, the most favorite is the crusader game mode. The final stage is very hard to finish. Because you just get a little money and few troops, when your enemies had much money to attack you, you need to defend yourself very well or you will die.