How to change your Android Smartphone into iPhone iOS

Today mobile phones are increasingly required by many people even if someone doesn’t have a cell phone will be regarded as the person who left behind the times or clueless about computers. Over time the mobile phone also experienced the development of models and also specifications of the regular course until now your mobile phone can serve as a remote, cctv, etc.

Although mobile phones are already experiencing the development of cell phone but also experience shortages because every brand that have advantages of each. As an example though there is cell phone instead of an iPhone but with some way below you can change the look of your mobile phone.

How to change Android similar to Apple’s iPhone

The trick is also very easy there are many applications that are used to support your mobile phone so that the display is similar to the iOS or IPhone, below I will explain the usefulness of each application as each application has different uses there that has a function for the display, keyboard, control panel and other.

Not only is the existence of several applications under install or make your android phone is very much like the iPhone also surely makes your android phone is getting cool and updates to appear cool is also not out of date.

# 1. iLauncher 3.1.4 For Android

Such applications are applications that are mandatory and you have to first download the application because it arguably is a core principal to android phone could turn out similar to the iphone because it is so similar to the first principal at stake certainly isn’t it? It is the reason why this application becomes the first download. If you have already downloaded then the display icon and homescreen apk changed into similar/like the iphone.

# 2. IOS and iOS Dialer 7 7 Contact

After revamp looks now please download the application to change the look of the contact and dialer to make it more similar to iphone iOS 7 so your mobile phone become more cool.

# 3. HI Lockscreen iOS 7, Parallax

This application is also supporting an application to change the look of your mobile phone to be more like the iphone, it serves to change the look of your cell phone so that similar Lockscreen iPhone iOS, such as display Lockscreen, Passcode, and also notification.

# 4. iControl Center

How to change the display of the phone are similar to iphone 3, This application serves to change the appearance of the control center, while an example of a control such as Bluetooth, wifi, alarm, flashlight, cameras, media players, calculator and more. The existence of this application is the display all control center will be changed into similar to iphone iOS 7.

# 5. iNoty for iLauncher

How to change the display of the phone are similar to iphone 4, The application of the above function to modify the menu of notifications, the notification menu itself contains some important settings such as examples for Sms, Miscall, calendar and so on so that it is similar to the iPhone (iOS 7).

So how to change your mobile phone to resemble the iphone may help and may be useful if there are steps or review its less obvious apk could ask in the comments field that you have prepared. good luck good luck Yes, thank you have visited our website.

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