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Clash Royale Update Card Tornado

Clash Royale update one more card : Tornado! How do I use it? Check out tips and tricks how to use it here!
Supercell re-added the cards spell in Clah Royale. After our previous arrival Graveyard, now us Tornado’s arrival. So, how do I use the card on this Epic? Before, we used to see ‘ from the card via the image below:

clash royale update

Tips and tricks how to get use the tornado beat clash royale

As you guys can see above, the Tornado is a type of spell card using 3 Elixir. This card has rarity Epic and could you guys find start of Arena 6 Builder Workshop. get more resource for clash royale cards

Vacuum Cleaner

The main effect of this card is to draw enemy units and gave him the damage. At level 1, a Tornado can give 44 damage every second for 3 seconds. In other words, this card will give a total of 132 damage at level 1 — suitable for destroying enemy units with low unit such as Goblin, Goblin Spear and Skeletons. Minions can still survive from this spell with leaves little HP, but you will benefit because the enemy units will be attracted to the center of the Tornado.

Do Not Give Damage On Buildings

Spell this one gives no damage at the building. So, you can’t use it without activating the canon Crown Tower.

Can Be Used To Speed Up/Slow Down

Because of its ‘ interesting ‘ unit to the center of a Tornado, this spell can be used to speed up or slow down the unit — depending on where you put the spell.

Attract enemy units to the Area of the Blast

Sometimes, some units were able to avoid the explosion of units such as the Golem and the Giant Skeleton. Well, a Tornado could you use to attract enemy units into the area to blast Golem/Giant Skeleton.

Effective against Inferno Dragon and Miner

When Inferno Dragon attacked the Tower of yours, then you can use this spell to pull it backwards. The same thing could also be you used to use this spell Miner, to attract a miner approached the Crown Tower and enable his canon.

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