Game Review: Stronghold Crusader

Game Review: Stronghold Crusader

People nowadays love the games with the war theme, the android game such as the clash of clans, the clash of titans, clans of the sea and many other games in the strategy categories. But most of those people are forgotten that there is a game that has been there since a long time ago to fulfill the thirst of the gamers about a strategy game. What is that game? Yes, that is a stronghold crusader. This game is the starter for the strategy game that could be played in personal computer or PC. Every gamer in the world has been played it until finish all the stage inside the games. It is such a pleasure to have completed all the stages of the game because this game is well made and not easy to finished.

Best Strategy Game Ever

Stronghold crusader is divided into some parts which are crusader mode, historical campaigns mode, castle builder mode, multiplayer, and custom scenarios. In crusader, there will be many stages that you should compete. The more you complete the harder it stages. In this mode you will build your own castle, defend, and planning your strategy to attack your enemies. Historical campaigns are the mode when you need to survive in the desert until your goals fulfilled.

Each stage had different goals. Castle builder is when you could build you dreamed castle accompanied by camels around you, this is the most peaceful game mode so far.

Multiplayer can be played with your friends by online. Custom scenarios are for you who are want to make your own map of the crusader kingdom. Those entire modes are worth to try, the most favorite is the crusader game mode. The final stage is very hard to finish. Because you just get a little money and few troops, when your enemies had much money to attack you, you need to defend yourself very well or you will die.